It is a device for transferring liquids.

Glass and plastic funnels are used in laboratories all over the place: for transferring liquids, filtration, introducing powders into receptacles. In our catalog you will be able to see all the main types of laboratory funnels required in the laboratory, are: Laboratory funnel of different plastics Laboratory porcelain funnels and, of course, glass.

There are varieties of funnels:
Buchner funnel
Suitable filtration under vacuum traditionally performed mostly porcelain, at least - of metal or plastics. The upper part of the funnel into which fluid is poured, a porous or apertured partition is separated from the lower part to which summed vacuum. On removable baffle filter media layer can be applied.

Separating funnel
It is intended for the separation of immiscible liquids due to their different densities.
This vessel, usually glass, having the bottom of the pipe with a crane for launching heavier liquids.


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