Crystalline iodine (h)

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Description: crystalline solid black and gray with a violet metallic sheen and specific sharp odor. Quite often, the chemical nomenclature simply called iodine. At room temperature - Dark violet crystals with a faint shimmer. When heated, the substance forms a purple pair, while cooling - crystals, bypassing the liquid-like state. The substance is readily soluble in ether, alcohol, water solutions of sodium and potassium iodides poorly - in water

Crystalline iodine is found in nature in dispersed form in igneous and sedimentary rocks. Iodine crystal are easily leached waters and concentrated organisms, for example seaweed ash which contains up to 0.5% iodine. Industrial amount of iodine found in the groundwater of oil and gas fields in Selitrennoe deposits (up 1%). Iodine is released easily liberated from its salt solutions.

Iodine is used granulated
• for inorganic and organic compounds of iodine as catalyst in organic synthesis,
• as an acceptor of hydrogen in the dehydrogenation of saturated hydrocarbons,
• in medicine as antiseptic and antithyroid agent in addition artificial radioactive iodine isotopes for use in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid
• for refining metal iodide (eg., Ti, Zr, Hf), the reagent, etc. in iodometry.

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