Introducing new Internet project "chemist himself" from "Ukrhimekspo"

For 20 years, the company "Ukrhimekspo" has gained a strong position in the market of chemical products due to the acceptable and stable prices, a wide range of products, large stocks.

At the request of our clients, and thanks to their help, we have created an encyclopedia of recipes, buyout checked by professionals where amateurs and beginners can familiarize themselves with the use of chemicals for household needs.

On our site, you can find a complete range of chemical raw materials, reagents, laboratory glassware, as well as a collection of all sorts of recipes that is provided in the section "Self chemist."

Professionals in the field of chemistry, as well as the fans themselves can prepare cheap and quality products for your needs. This section will also be of interest to housewives, who will always be able to cook removing product used to make useful or cream with their hands.

Since the concept of online chemist himself a new project, all your advice and suggestions are very valuable to us.

Also, we will provide online - consultation on the use of chemicals in the home.