The flux for soldering of gold

Brazing gold home

Brazing gold - a process necessary in jewelery or when the required repair gold chains, or other articles made of gold. Plumbing jewels can be at home when all the necessary tools and materials (soldering flux) are located at hand.
Flux for brazing active chemical substance is used to reduce surface tension and improve the spreading of the molten solder and to clean and protect the surface of the alloy oxides. Comfort and quality ration is largely dependent on the choice of a flux for soldering.
Universal flux for soldering gold alloy is an aqueous solution of boric acid with borax in a ratio of one to one by volume.
How to make a brazing flux for gold itself?

To make it equal parts of borax and boric acid mixed thoroughly triturated and dissolved in distilled water, heated to falling out of the solid phase.

For example, for preparation of about one liter of flux (just over a liter) to mix 100 grams of borax, boric acid, 100 grams, per liter of distilled water and bring to boil. The resulting mixture was triturated until a smooth mass until a paste and liquid cooled.

Such useful flux in the soldering process, since it easily penetrates into gaps soldered parts.