Anticipator glass for the machine with their own hands

With the onset of cold weather, every driver faces the problem of fogging glass. This is a big inconvenience, and sometimes it can become a serious problem. Deterioration of the view through the front view is not only the complexity of the long view for the driver, but also a real danger when traveling. Help in this can anti-fog, which is easy to do with their own hands.

The fogging of glass is a phenomenon that occurs during periods of cooling. This effect is observed due to the difference in temperature inside the car interior and outside. When the outside of the window high humidity, and the car remains dry, the air starts to cool in a closed cabin, causing condensation to form, which accumulates on the car's glass.

To solve the problem of fogging windows, first of all you need to monitor the cleanliness of the car. Also, a frequent solution is the processing of glass by special means, but very often these funds hit our budget

In order not to spend extra money, a means of sweating can be done on its own.

We present you the simplest and most economical anti-mist recipe for your car

For this we need: isopropyl alcohol, glycerin

We take 200 g of alcohol and 100 g of glycerin which are mixed into a single liquid.

After applying to the frontal glazing, a dense film is created that not only repels the approaching moisture, but also dries it, providing an additional effect. It is important to apply the solution on a dry glass so that it does not roll down on the surface.

Instructions for use:

1.Before applying the anti-mist, the treated surface must be thoroughly cleaned of grease, dirt and moisture.    

2.Shake well immediately before use.   

3.Spray the anti-fogger on the surface    

4.For 30-40 minutes after surface treatment, do not touch it.   

5.The surface should dry. Wipe it dry after performing the treatment is not required, as this can contribute to a decrease in efficiency.

Recommendations and precautions:

1.Treatment should be carried out in a well-ventilated area.

2. It is forbidden to work in close proximity to hot objects.

3. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and body.

4. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

5.When the treatment is completed, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Keep the anti-foger out of the reach of children.