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Many of our customers ask how to use a particular chemistry for their own purposes. We do not always have time to give a qualitative answer, and we do not know everything, so all the questions that you ask, we will try to answer you.

If you are cooking a meal - a chemical process, and YOU CHEMIST.

If you are making soap or cream is a chemical process - YOU CHEMIST.

If you read the labels and know the composition and that is poured or poured - you CHEMIST.

This section of our site is built in such a way through the questions, and how to solve this or that problem, how to do this or that preparation, it is known recipes which can be prepared by yourself. You can make and detergent and winter and washer for glass and means and various household chemicals and cosmetics, and construction and safe conduct chemical experiments, and so on.

We would be very grateful if you leave us your comments, and if you ask us questions.



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