Desiccant desiccant (household)

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Our company understands the importance of protecting your cargo from moisture damage. The transport desiccant has the convenience of hanging on the hook, which is easily attached to the inside of your cargo container, providing easy application with maximum protection.

This dehumidifier, designed to reduce the dew point inside the containers for transportation and storage. Lowering the dew point, it easily protects your products from moisture damage caused by condensation and high humidity.

Supplied in a ribbon weighing 1 kg and 500 grams


  • Inhibits the formation of mold, rust and corrosion
  • Controls the dew point, preventing "Container rain"
  • Environmentally safe and can be disposed of as ordinary waste
  • Completely safe for contact with food and medicine
  • Can be used for the transport of goods: air, rail, air and sea transport
  • Protection of agricultural goods, furniture, auto parts, machinery, metal products, corrugated boxes, wood, textiles, leather goods, food, coffee, pet food, canned goods, bottled products, machinery, metal components and many other products.
  • Application for domestic purposes
  • Adsorption capacity is effective even at low moisture levels and increases with increasing relative humidity
  • Can be re-activated for multiple uses
  • Effective and economical version of dehydrator


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