Silica gel packed (desiccant packs), continental silica gel desiccant.

Our company offers a packed silica gel (desiccant bags) weighing 3, 5, 10, 25, 50,

100, 200, 250, 500 gr. for producer organizations, medical, food, electronics, footwear,

welding, haberdashery and other industries. The silica gel brand KSMG, KSKG, SHSMG on

GOST 3956-76 rev. Number 3, an effective means of protection products from the negative effects of moisture,

Condensate corrosion during storage and transportation (export), etc.

Never throw away bags of silica gel!

Here are a few examples of the use of these bags.

1. cabinet for towels. You can easily put them in lockers with towels to prevent excess moisture.
2. The windows of the car. If you put these bags into the car, you can forget about misty windows. The best use for the bags.
3. Save your phone. If you accidentally drowned my phone, it can still save it, putting it in a box with these bags.
4. Save the old photos. Over time, old photographs begin to lose its shape. 2-3 Put the bag in a box with photos - and you can avoid this problem.
5. Increase the life of make-up and shaving. Putting bags in a box with makeup or razors, you will increase the shelf life.

Delivery to any region of Ukraine.

The amount of packaging on request. 

Buy gel packed in Kiev, without intermediaries.

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