Potassium iodide (xv)

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Description: Potassium iodide-potassium salt of hydriodic acid. Appearance: White crystals, soluble in water; the light becomes brown.

Application: Potassium iodide is used: in analytical practice; in human and veterinary medicine; in the bakery business, as an additive to increase the solubility of I2 in water and polar solvents; as a reagent to iodometry; protivovualiruyuschee like substance in the photos; as a component of the electrolyte in the electrochemical converters; in nuclear engineering; in wastewater and exhaust gases; in optical glass; in the production of household chemicals; the textile industry; in the manufacture of a polyamide fiber; in the photographic technique; in the manufacture of plastics; in the automotive industry.

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