Potassium ferrocyanide (xv)

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Synonyms: Potassium geksatsianoferroat, hexacyanoferrate (II), potassium, potassium ferrocyanide, yellow blood salt

Description: Potassium ferrocyanide - light yellow crystals with a tetragonal lattice. Soluble in water, practically insoluble in ether, ethanol, pyridine, aniline, ethyl acetate. Potassium geksatsianoferroat diamagnetic.


in the manufacture of pigments,
dyeing silk,
in the production of cyanide compounds, ferrites,
in the manufacture of colored paper,
as a component inhibiting coatings
cyanidation steels for separation and disposal of radioactive cesium and others.
in analytical chemistry as a reagent for the detection of certain cations
in the food industry, potassium ferrocyanide is registered as a food additive E536,

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