Hydrazine hydrate (h)

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Description: A clear, colorless liquid with an odor of ammonia, fuming in the air. Hydrazine hydrate is a strong reducing intensively oxidized by atmospheric oxygen to N2, NH3, H2O. Hydrazine hydrate hygroscopic, absorbs carbon dioxide in air, water and alcohol is mixed in any proportions; in ether, chloroform and benzene insoluble.
Melting point -65 ° C, boiling point 100-120 ° C, pH of 1% solution of 10.3-10.7.
Vapours are heavier than air; accumulate in low areas of the surface, basements, tunnels.


Hydrazine hydrate is used to remove oxygen in water treatment; for corrosion protection of water and steam circulation piping (namely, steam generators, cooling systems, heating systems), as well as for conservation of the decommissioned equipment.

Also, the hydrazine hydrate is used

- As fuel in fuel cells;

- For pure metals (Cu, Ni and others.) Of oxides and their salts;

- Blowing agents in the production (e.g., benzene sulfonyl), insecticides, explosives, plant growth regulators (e.g., maleic hydrazide), drugs (for example, isonicotinic acid hydrazide);

- As a reagent (for detection of carbonyl groups, chlorites and chlorates);

- For the preparation of intermediates and dyes;

- As an additive in the molten glass (to remove tarnish glass);

- For the treatment of industrial gases from CO 2 and mercaptans.

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