Dyfenylamyn (chda)

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Description: Diphenylamine ((N-phenyl) -aniline) - compound of formula (C6H5) 2NH.

Since concentrated mineral acids diphenylamine forms salts, dilute acids and hydrolyzed with water. H atom bound to N, can be substituted for an alkali metal atom; replacing it with alkyl, aryl or acyl occurs harder than aniline, for example N-atsetildifenilamin diphenylamine formed by acetylation with acetic anhydride in the presence NClO4 at 80-100 ° C.

Application: Diphenylamine - the starting material in the production of antioxidants for polymers; stabilizer and deterrent heat and weather resistance of cellulose nitrate, including pyroxylin powders; intermediate in the synthesis of triarylmethane and azo dyes, insecticides; mild steel corrosion inhibitor. It is used in analytical chemistry.

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