Corn dextrin

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Description: Dekstrin- polysaccharide, modified starch obtained by heat treatment of cornstarch.

Registered as a food additive E1400.

Application: Corn dextrin can be used as a sweetener in canning, cooking home-made wine, baking. Because of its viscous consistency and the presence of fermentable substances conducive dextrin can be used in beer production.

Dextrin is also used in the textile, footwear, printing, match industry for the preparation of adhesives and mortars (labeling, gluing package manufacturing adhesive tape as an adhesive for envelopes and stamps, in the manufacture of containers for food products). Use of dextrin expedient in foundries for the manufacture of glass fiber in the light industry (in order to increase the density of colors in the production of ceramics which is resistant to water), etc.

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