Hexagonal boron nitride

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Description: superhard particular, non-toxic, inert material that is used in the production of heat-resistant, fire-resistant, and electrical insulating materials, and for spraying on the surface of metal as a solid lubricant.

Hexagonal - a structure similar to graphite structure where nets are arranged one above the other.


Powder hexagonal structure has semiconducting properties and is used in electronics, as well as solid lubricant and the heat-resistant. Cubic boron nitride is a kind of abrasive material, which is superior to the diamond properties. Another advantage - an affordable price.

A boron nitride used as an abrasive material for grinding soft, sticky materials (porous ceramics, plastic, soft metals and alloys).
Tools, which are covered with coated boron nitride, used in construction, mining, automotive for roughing and finishing grinding parts.

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