Benzaldehyde (h)

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Synonyms: Benzaldehyde, benzokarbaldegid, fenilmetanal, benzoilgidrid, benzokarboksaldegid.

Description: The simplest aromatic aldehyde (aldehyde benzoic acid) is a colorless liquid with a characteristic odor of bitter almonds, strongly refracting light. Yellowing on storage. In the air it is rapidly oxidized to benzoic acid, but does not retrieve felingovoy liquid, unlike fatty aldehydes. Adding more than 10% ethanol dramatically slows the oxidation of benzaldehyde.

Аpplication: in the food and perfume industry as a fragrance ingredient, and Perfume - the smell of bitter almonds;

as raw material for the synthesis of various dyes (including triphenylmethane series);

as a starting compound in the synthesis of various pharmaceuticals;

perfumes and cosmetics, lotions and soaps to impart the characteristic odor of bitter almonds. in large quantities in the manufacture of soap

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