Barium sulfate (xv)

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Description: White powder or crystal clear. The water is virtually insoluble. In nature it can be found in the form of the mineral barite, which is the main ore of barium.

Application: Barium sulfate (barium sulfate) is used in analytical chemistry, in pyrotechnics, as a radiopaque agent and as a white pigment - filler for paints and oxide.
Also, barium sulfate is used for various industrial purposes: as a filler for the photo paper, for linoleum and in some paints and varnishes (baritazh) as a white filler for plastics and also as a component of drilling fluids to increase their density in the electrochemical industry in the manufacture of lead
accumulator as extender active mass of the negative electrode, in the production of paste for etching glass, the manufacture of certain refractory materials.

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