Barium sulfate (pa)

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Description: Barium sulphate is obtained by reacting salts of peroxide, oxide or hydroxide of barium soluble sulfates or sulfuric acid. In industry, barium sulfate is obtained from a natural mineral - heavy spar.

Application: Barium sulfate (barium sulfate) is used in analytical chemistry, in pyrotechnics, as a radiopaque agent and as a white pigment - filler for paints and oxide.
Also, barium sulfate is used for various industrial purposes: as a filler in photographic and writing paper, for linoleum and in some paints and varnishes (baritazh) as a white filler for plastics and also as a component of drilling fluids to increase their density in the electrochemical industry in the manufacture of lead-acid batteries as a dilator of the active mass of the negative electrode in the production of paste for etching glass, the manufacture of certain refractory materials.

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