Barium hydroxide ( ag )

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Synonym: barium hydroxide, sodium barium

Barium hydroxide (caustic barium, barium hydroxide) Ba (OH) 2 · 8H2O - colorless crystals. The reagent is very soluble in water (3.75% anhydrous Ba (OH) 2 at 20 ° C), the solubility increases when heated. The solution is strongly alkaline reaction. In contact with air, it absorbs CO2 and becomes cloudy due to the formation of insoluble BaCO3. Upon drying over concentrated H2SO4 barium hydroxide easily loses 7 molecules of water of crystallization, complete dehydration is achieved only at 120-150 ° C. Melts in the water of crystallization at 78 ° C.

• in the petroleum industry for the production of oil additives ;
• in ferrous metallurgy for the synthesis of phenol formaldehyde binder , the catalyst in the chemical industry;
• in the production of batteries constant current sources ;
• the preparation of a number of salts of reactive qualifications;
• To remove sulfate ions of various water-salt systems , and others .

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