Barium chloride anhydrous (h)

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Description: Barium chloride - crystalline powder or granules from white to light gray in color. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether.


Barium chloride is widely used in various industries and in agriculture - in the technological processes of the chemical industry in the manufacture of dyes and pigments, for the cleaning solutions of chromate and sulfate for the production of barium salts;

in mechanical engineering and metallurgy used in the processes of quenching speed steel, thermal treatment of products, as a heating medium in the hot metal extrusion technology, as well as processes cyanidation various parts as an additive in the electrolytes in the preparation of magnesium, ferrous metal like shihtovochny material;
in the textile industry used to weight and skin lightening;
agriculture is used for pest control.

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