Barium carbonate (tehn.)

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Description: Barium carbonate is a fine powder or granules of white or light gray, odorless. The water and organic solvents insoluble, readily soluble in mineral acids. Toxic.

Application: Barium carbonate technical design for the electronic, paper, building materials, chemical and other industries.

Other applications of barium carbonate:

- In the ceramic industry; in the spinning industry barium carbonate is used to dissolve and clean the spinning solution; the production of synthetic fibers;
- Radiolampovom in production; in the manufacture of optical glass enamels and glazes;
- In the production of wood-coal carburizers; as rodenticide in the fight against rodents.

Barium carbonate (barium carbonate) - Clay paste additive in the manufacture of bricks, helping to fight the efflorescence on the surface of products and significantly improve their performance and aesthetic properties.

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