Ammonium vanadate meta

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Synonyms: Ammonium metavanadate, ammonium vanadate meta, ammonium metavanadate

Description: White or slightly yellow crystalline powder, soluble in hot water and ammonia solution. When heated above 30 ° C and ammonia loses some yellowing.
Preparation: Obtained by dissolving V2O5 into an excess of aqueous ammonia followed by salting out with an alcohol; during precipitation from concentrated solutions of sodium chloride in the presence of ammonium vanadate ammonia.

Application: ammonium vanadate used in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, as a catalyst in chemical and textile industries, as well as additives dyes, mordants, upon receipt of aniline in the manufacture of ink, printing inks and other industrial applications. The ceramic industry is used to make the surface of the painting.

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