Ammonium nadsernokisly (h)

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Synonyms: Ammonium persulfate

Description: is a colorless monoclinic crystals, readily soluble in water. An ammonium salt peroxodisulfuric acid, a strong oxidant in the presence of water is decomposed with evolution of oxygen and ozone, dry stored indefinitely.

Application: Used as a polymerization accelerator, and a condensation process in the preparation of synthetic rubbers, latexes, and plastics, as a radical polymerization initiator in the preparation of polyacrylamide gels, the etching of printed circuit boards, as an oxidant in photography as a means for bleaching and disinfecting, in electron microscopy as methacrylates polymerization catalyst used for the fill sections in analytical chemistry and others.
In the food industry ammonium persulfate is known as a food additive glazed agent E923, which is used as a flour improver, bleach.

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