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Ammonia - of NH3, hydrogen nitride, under normal conditions - a colorless gas with a pungent characteristic odor (smell of ammonia), almost twice as light as air, is toxic.

Ammonia is one of the most important chemical products, its annual global production reaches 150 mln. Tons. Mainly used for the production of nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium nitrate and sulphate, urea), explosives and polymers, nitric acid, soda (for ammoniac method) and other chemical products. Liquid ammonia is used as the solvent.

The refrigeration is used as a refrigerant (R717)

In medicine, 10% of ammonia solution, often referred to as ammonia, is used for fainting (for excitation of breathing), to stimulate the vomiting, as well as externally - neuralgia, myositis, insect bites, treatment of the surgeon's hands.

Improper use can cause burns to the esophagus and stomach (in the case of receiving undiluted solution), reflex respiratory arrest (if inhaled in high concentrations).

As a weak base, ammonia neutralizes the acid.

In the home ammonia is used in dyeing fabrics, to remove stains from clothes and cleaning dishes, furniture, sanitary ware, jewelry.

Use of ammonia :

Use in everyday life

Scarring of moles, mice, mosquitoes

Killer (fungicide) of harmful insects

Fertilizer for garden and city



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