Aluminum powder PAP-2

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The aluminum powder PAP-2

Traditional names: silverfish, aluminum powder (Aluminum powder)

Chem. formula: Al

Description: Powder is the product of a silver-gray color, does not contain visible with the naked eye Alien domishok.Alyuminievaya powder has special (compared with compact materials) properties, which explains the surface properties of dispersed materials. Powders, granules, including aluminum powder widely used in metallurgy, construction, nuclear power, military technology, chemistry, energy, and other industries. Due to high temperature and heat of combustion of aluminum powder used to svitloshumovyh fireworks.

Safety requirements: Aluminum powder on the effects on the human body belongs to the class of danger 3 substances. It irritates the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose, has slabotoksychnu action. MDT aluminum dust in the air Industrial Zone 2 mg / m3. Aluminum powder - flammable substance, and spray it in the air - explosive.

- Paint industry;
- Construction industry;
- Ceramics
- Pyrotechnic industry



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