Alizarin Red C (ра)

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Alizarynovyy Red C

alizarin red S, Na-G9,10-дигідро-3,4-дигидроксі-9,10-діоксо-2-антраценсульфо-кислоти

The traditional name: Alizarin Carmine

Chem. C14H7NaO7S formula

Molar mass 360.28 g / mol

CAS: 130-22-3

PubChem: 8534

Description: The substance is soluble in water and ethanol, nerazchynna in benzene, alkanes, chloroform. Shows acidic properties: pKa1 = 5,5; pKa2 = 9,5. λmax = 423 nm. T. melt. 300 ° C

Application: Alizarynovyy red C is used as a reagent in the photometric determination of cations of aluminum, scandium, yttrium and fluoride ions.

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