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Description: - Triarylmethane basic dye, wherein pure yellow color.

Physical properties:
Lots of long-wavelength absorption band located at λmax = 420 nm. The second long-wavelength absorption band due to a chromophore ramified system lies in the UV region, λmax = 372 nm, and does not affect the color.

Chemical properties:
Auramine is unstable to hydrolysis by water at a temperature above 70 ° C is transformed into Michler's ketone (see below), however possibly auramine dyeing at temperatures above 50-60 ° C. Cation dye retained on a colored substrate amphoteric (protein and polyamide fibers) or acid (acetate, polyester, cellulose fiber with tannic mordant) character mainly due to ionic interaction with acid - sulfonic and carboxylic - group material.

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