Lime chloride 1-grade.

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Bleach - powdered white product alkaline, having a chlorine smell, a mixture of different calcium salts. Quality is determined by the content of bleach vney active chlorine (chlorine, which is displaced under the action of bleach acids). Bleach contains 35-32-26% of active chlorine. When dissolved in water forms a suspension. The precipitate consists of insoluble salts CaCO Ca (OH) 2.

Bleach has a strong oxidizing action, and therefore the possibility of reducing the tissue strength and corrosion of metal products. Bleach - an unstable chemical compound quickly decomposes under the action of carbon dioxide, moisture, light, heat. Even with proper storage of bleach (in a dense wood IPT iron containers, protected against corrosion in dry and cool conditions)

It is used as a strong oxidizing agent in the textile and paper industries for bleaching textiles and pulp, some chemical plants to produce chloroform, chloropicrin, as degassing and disinfectant for the disinfection of the soil near the silos of storage pests.

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