Indigo (pa)

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E-132 or indigotin relates to food additives, dyes. This substance is a synthetic origin. It is a powder or granules of dark - blue. The water is highly soluble and forms a blue solution. There is a natural source of this dye - indigonoski plant that grows in India, Africa, America. Previously E132 was prepared from the leaves and stems of this plant, but is now produced by the fusion of sodium amide and phenylglycine. The additive has a high sensitivity to light. Mixing with other dyes, indigogotin gives green, purple, brown and black colors. It belongs to the category of moderately hazardous chemicals.


E132 dye used food industry. It is used for coloring soft drinks which are produced in glass containers, as well as ice cream. The additive is added to the product during cooking dry biscuits, cakes, desserts and confectionery. Also this dye is used alone or with other dyes for dyeing liquors. The dose of the substance in many products must not exceed 0.5 g / kg. In addition to food production E132 widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the coloration of tablets and capsules.

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