Gelatin (food.)

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Description: Gelatin - a mixture of proteins of animal origin - a jelly-like substance formed during digestion in water tendons, ligaments, bones and other tissues, which include collagen (protein). Dry food gelatin - a colorless or pale yellow, tasteless and odorless. The molecular weight above 300,000; in cold water and dilute acids greatly swells but does not dissolve. The swollen gelatin is dissolved by heating to form a solution which solidifies into a jelly.


in medicine as the source of proteins for the treatment of various eating disorders;
in Pharmacology - for the production of capsules and suppositories;
in the food industry for the manufacture of confectionery products - jelly, marmalade, etc.

Gelatin is also used for the production of ice cream to prevent crystallization of sugar and reduce clotting protein.

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